The Abused – ( Part II ).

In the last blog post a bad killer suspense story was introduced , written by Chide Charity .

A story on this month’s topic – Abuse.The whole concept I’m trying to bring out here is the consequences of abuse .

Definitely there isn’t any good thing that abuse brings rather than depression , suicidal tendencies , low self esteem e.t.c
Its pretty much a big deal if you ask me about it .

About 50% of abused people are in their adolescence .The remaining 50% are adults or in rare cases very young children .

This happens to both sexes ( male & female ).

Just in case you are wondering if I’m only talking about the females only .


The Abused – ( Part II )

Dear Mum,

Remember that night Daddy traveled and I came into your room. Remember how you yelled at me because I didn’t close the door well? It hurt Mummy. It hurt so bad. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I still remember those words. I remember how you told me to get out of your room. I remember how you said you had to tell me everything. You called me dumb. Just because of a door. Had you told me gently, wouldn’t I have closed the door?
I never went to your room after that day. Except I was sent there. Did you ever wonder what brought me to your room? Surely, it wasn’t because of I was scared of being alone in my room. Pft! I have stayed alone as far as I can remember. Incase you’re wondering what brought me, let me tell you.
I wanted to talk to you mummy. I was willing to open up to you. To tell you everything I had been going through. But you yelled at me. If you could tell so much just cause of a door, what would you have done if I had told you what I wanted to?
You’d have killed me. What I needed you to do that time was call me into the room. And talk to me. Jist with me. And ease me into talking with you. But you pushed me away.
I couldn’t talk to Daddy either. He was always away. And It wasn’t on business trips as he claimed. Daddy was having an affair. I can prove it. Later. I know you’re dying to know what happened to me. Well, let me tell you.
It all started when I turned nine. My body began to develop, and I was curious…

Okay..I can’t wait to see what happens next after this , the suspense is killing me to be very honest .

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