Abortions ! Abortions !! Abortions !!!

Here and there , almost everyday some woman , some girl out there is undergoing abortion and about 70 ,000 women die from this act yearly . A few survive if the methods are duly observed. Although a few people most especially Feminists have agreed that a woman has the right to have an abortion .

The following is a conversation between two teenage girls on abortions.

“I think it’s wrong… It’s committing murder and suicide at the same time .. besides if your handled by the wrong doctor your sure to lose your womb.”- Tarysn, 16.

” For me abortion is bad and it’s a sin, but what of if the woman and man are not mentally, physically and economically ready to have a child, like… and they have the child, what do you think that child’s life would be like (an innocent child that didn’t ask to be put in this world, would be suffering cause the actions of his/her parents).” – A.F , 15.

” The child will now have to go through trauma .. in college you’ll be working for money to spend on the child .. May not even have time for both you and the child.” – Tarysn , 16.

“And the parents- who maybe are just random teenagers having causal sex, and let’s say that there birthcontrol device( eg condom) malfunctions !” – A.F , 16.

“Too many issues …Just too much ! ” – Tarysn , 16.

“But they really need to be careful . ” A.F , 15.

“It’s not just right .. and I’ll advice people not to engage in pre marital sex without a back up plan .” – Tarysn , 16.


Different people have different beliefs … I personally do not advice anyone to undergo an abortion . Biblically it’s not good because you have indirectly killer someone and innocent child for that matter.

Some doctors advice mothers that have a complicated pregnancies.

Honestly people will be thinking that this stuff is comedy until and abortion failure happens to them or someone they love.

Its advisable to always go for protected sex , if you know that you aren’t ready to be a mother or a father yet . So as to reduce so many unwanted pregnancies worldwide.

As a girl , growing up in an African society , I have heard enough tales about abortions gone wrong to make me terrified of it. I’d rather have the child than to have an abortion .

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .


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