I’m different in colour

My battleground scars , come as a result of disobedience.

Some from the never ending falls.

And maybe from the mosquito bites ,

But it all blends with my skin.

My colour runs deep ,

through my veins

As I grow with age and grace

When the sun shines, my skin glows

My melanin keeps on poppin’

I’m not tired of it

That’s who I am.

A woman like me

With standards and class

Crown on my head , looks like I’ve got the world on my shoulders.

I’m nobody , somebody ,

That body

I am me , black

Black is me.

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .



Abortions ! Abortions !! Abortions !!!

Here and there , almost everyday some woman , some girl out there is undergoing abortion and about 70 ,000 women die from this act yearly . A few survive if the methods are duly observed. Although a few people most especially Feminists have agreed that a woman has the right to have an abortion .

The following is a conversation between two teenage girls on abortions.

“I think it’s wrong… It’s committing murder and suicide at the same time .. besides if your handled by the wrong doctor your sure to lose your womb.”- Tarysn, 16.

” For me abortion is bad and it’s a sin, but what of if the woman and man are not mentally, physically and economically ready to have a child, like… and they have the child, what do you think that child’s life would be like (an innocent child that didn’t ask to be put in this world, would be suffering cause the actions of his/her parents).” – A.F , 15.

” The child will now have to go through trauma .. in college you’ll be working for money to spend on the child .. May not even have time for both you and the child.” – Tarysn , 16.

“And the parents- who maybe are just random teenagers having causal sex, and let’s say that there birthcontrol device( eg condom) malfunctions !” – A.F , 16.

“Too many issues …Just too much ! ” – Tarysn , 16.

“But they really need to be careful . ” A.F , 15.

“It’s not just right .. and I’ll advice people not to engage in pre marital sex without a back up plan .” – Tarysn , 16.


Different people have different beliefs … I personally do not advice anyone to undergo an abortion . Biblically it’s not good because you have indirectly killer someone and innocent child for that matter.

Some doctors advice mothers that have a complicated pregnancies.

Honestly people will be thinking that this stuff is comedy until and abortion failure happens to them or someone they love.

Its advisable to always go for protected sex , if you know that you aren’t ready to be a mother or a father yet . So as to reduce so many unwanted pregnancies worldwide.

As a girl , growing up in an African society , I have heard enough tales about abortions gone wrong to make me terrified of it. I’d rather have the child than to have an abortion .

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .

African, women

Africa , the World and the Girl Child.

According to (UN Women )The Girl Child. They go to school, help with housework, work in factories, make friends, care for elder and younger family members and prepare themselves to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Girls play multiple roles in the household, society and the economy.

Recently I did a research of what comes in the mind both males and females ,when they hear this topic “Africa , the World and the Girl Child.”. A few people most especially the younger generation were the people I asked to know what they think about the topic. Here’s is what a few of them said ;

” I feel like my society treats girls like they are stupid , useless , and treat like them like they have nothing to do than to stay in the kitchen.” – Anonymous 9 year old .

” Partial , and I usually do not know what is their gain for all this it’s really unfair ! ” – Anonymous 11 year old .

“I feel like the society or the world treats the female like we can’t be heroes , we can’t be like the men , we can’t do stuff . Girls can’t be Independent but deserve to be in the kitchen and get married and be subdued under man , even highschool boyfriends think they have the power to tell you what to do ! Which I find very unfair and disturbing.” – Favour Bassey , 16.

” We Africans perceive that the girl child is supposed to be trained as a wife . In the world , women or the girl child are only allowed to do certain things or certain jobs also there are rules for women . In recent times the girl child is taking on different leadership positions. Unfortunately for the girl child as though this time and age is not our time and age , the girl child is treated wrongly , the world has changed more than Africa has changed towards the girl child.” – Balogun Tomisin , 16.

” The African society believe that women do not have the capability to do what men can do , not because we can’t do it , but because they are scared ladies have a better insight than them . They believe they are superior , they believe that they have the strength , they want to be on top of the would. It shouldn’t be done that way! African men are scared to put their women outside , for they believe that women aren’t supposed to be heard . They need to grow up , grab sense and open their eyes and see that there should be equality among humans . This whole thing is about superiority and not equality . We need to change our ways and view points . What our forefathers did is not what we are doing now , this should be a different generation entirely.”– Cindy Samuel , 16.

“The society treats the girl child as dirt , I see the girl child as gold dug up from the deepest part of the ground
And all the society see is the dirt not the gold ! But most girls have refused to wash the dirt off.
Most girls don’t even know they’re more than dirt,
They don’t know they are actually gold.” – Charity Chide ,18

“Some people see women as lesser versions of men , some see them like they are worthless, in some parts of Nigeria example if you have only female children and no male children it is blamed on the female , whereas scientifically the gender of the child is dependent on the man not the woman . Some girls in rural areas are not in school as it is deemed as unimportant whereas their brothers would be in school. In some parts of India , boys are given full milk and the girls are given milk diluted in water . In some other countries , girls are married off as early as the age of 5, which is very sad.”– Feyi Akodu ,15.

“Okay here’s what i think , the girl child is more like a caged bird.
Caged bird in the sense that well they have ambitions, dreams and goals they want to follow but the gender inequality in the society won’t let them.” – Victor Fash , 18

Now that we have read the opinions of a few people here and there. Here’s a cookie bit of what I think ;

The way you treat a girl child determines the way you treat a woman. When the society has little or no regards on how to treat the girl child , when they go to be women, they wouldn’t be duly respected . Most especially in the third world countries and infact the same in the so called “delevoped” countries. The whole sexism idea or beliefs led to feminism , although some men think it’s as a result of the nonchalancy of women who think that they are better than men . I met a friend once who was of the opposite sex who just asked me out of the blue if I was a feminist, I replied saying ” I would be crazy not to be on my own side.” I asked him why he had asked and he said that he just didn’t like feminists.

Why ?

He doesn’t know ! You see this form of Hate is as bad as racism . Yes ! Biblically speaking it was said that God made man first and out of man came forth the woman , to HELP man , but then if man refuses to heed the advice or get help from women how then would the world develop ?

We can’t just be submissive towards the needs of men , women also have rights, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. No feminist is fighting for the supremacy of womankind . All we want is equality , as feminism means ;

* The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the belief in the social , economic , and political equality of the sexes.

* The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

* The doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women equal to that of men.

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .


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