The Abused ( Part V )

Epic Finish 🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️

For the past two months Charity and I have been working together on a killer suspense story. Titled -The abused

I must say , I’m indeed very happy and thrilled with the audience and all those who keep up with this blog .

Without further ado lets get to the main part of this blog post


On the 24th of March, I woke up for the first time, alone with no one groping me. I was… shocked? Or mildly surprised? I don’t know which. But it felt so strange. My skin crawled in dread. Had I displeased him the night before? Or he didn’t love me anymore? My heart ached with the thought of that. Not being loved anymore. I didn’t like the feeling.
I waited patiently for him to come. But he didn’t. So I snuck into his room. But he wasn’t there. Neither were his clothes. Nor his bags. Not even his favorite kaftan. My heart beat faster than it ever had. I practically lept down the stairs to get to you, Mom.
Did you ever, even unconsciously notice the way I paled when you told me Danjuma had left?
I’m not sure you did. Your attention was not on me. It was on the Bollywood movie you were watching. Your attention had never been on me.
I walked slowly back to my room that day and all I could think of was that he was gone. Without trace. Evaporated. Dissappeared.
I couldn’t fathom it. I was pregnant with his child. And lonely. And… confused.
As I sat down on the bed that day, I couldn’t determine if I was happy he had gone or sad. I had this sense of…what’s the word? Erm, this sense of loss. That’s it. Loss. I missed him? I wanted him back? I don’t know. All I knew was that, he was gone. And he didn’t even leave so much as a goodbye.
I didn’t let myself weep until the night had gone to sleep. But that in itself is not entirely true. For it is on the night, that the night is truly awake. The night never sleeps.

I would call my genes blessed. No one knew I was pregnant. I didn’t even show. Only a slight increase in my tummy and my breasts. Although I ate a little bit more, nothing else could actually indicate I was pregnant.
I carried my baby all the way to it’s ninth month. I had no medical care whatsoever. No one to guide me through the pregnancy. Nothing. I had nothing at all.
And I lived under the same roof as you Mom.
Like I said, you never took notice of me.
I bless whatever it was that withheld my delivery till you and Dad both travelled. As always, you had left me alone. With no one this time. I was alone in a big house, scared and pregnant.
My water broke in the living room. I had bent to pick up my book when I felt how wet my trouser was. I had read enough about pregnancy and delivery to know that I was in labor.
Before the pain could hit, I closed every curtain, barred every door, and turned up all the televisions to their highest volumes before limping back to my bathroom.
By the time I had stripped my clothes and turned the water in the tub to fill, I was a crying, sweating and panting mess.
The volume of the TV’s were so loud that no one heard my screams.
If my estimates are correct, and I believe they are, I labored seven hours to birth both my baby and the placenta. Of course, I did the washing and the cutting all by myself.
She was the most precious thing the world had ever seen. So frail. So little. So beautiful. She had your fingers Mother. And your nose Father. But no matter how much she resembled you both, one look at her and you’d know that Danjuma had fathered her.
I named her Raziel. It means ‘Secret’
But now she no longer is. Because you now know about the grandchild that you never knew you had. In its funny way, you’ve known this child. You give her treats. I know because I’ve seen how you cherish children that are not yours.How kind you are to them and the opposite to your own. If only you balanced it. If only. And I also know because she lives beside your house. Mallam Abu would never leave that place till you take back my daughter from him. He gave his word.
Go to Mallam Abu. Tell him to give you the baby that a girl named Rakia gave to him. Tell him that this girl, this Rakia kept her promise. Tell him that you are my parents. Tell him to give you my child.

By the time you’re done reading this, I might have already started to rot. I’m not sure. I really don’t care. All I care about now is that you atone for your negligence with my child. Tell her…tell her I loved her. Tell her she was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
Tell her that I am sorry. I was too broken to continue. Tell her that I believed that suicide was the only way for me.
Tell her that I know I was wrong.
Tell her I wished I had chosen better. Tell her I wish I had lived.
Just…tell her.

Dear Mom,
You’ve come to the end of my letter. I’m sorry if this made you cry. Howbeit you crying was inevitable, it was not the aim of the words you’re reading on this paper.
I believe that you’ve been given another chance to be a better parent. A chance that nobody almost never gets. Use it wisely.
Don’t over protect my daughter. Let her make her mistakes. But guide her. Don’t let her too loose that she becomes wild. Taming her would not be easy if you do this.
Love her. With all your heart. Teach her. Train a woman the world would see and take their caps off in salute.
Forgive Father, forgive Danjuma. Forgive me.
I’m sorry things had to go this way. I’m sorry. I’m tired of writing now. I just want to go. Good bye Mom.
I love you.

And Mom, forgive yourself. I have forgiven you.

The End


I’m sure you all saw that coming , all good things come to an end .


I thank the amazing writer I worked with Chide Charity without her this recent posts would have been relatively bland.

I also thank my Dad and Mum for supporting me all through this fantastic journey 🦋❤️

That’s on that for this blog post.

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The Abused ( Part IV )

The views on the the last blog post was a blast , courtesy my readers and all those kind enough to share it .


Anyways without further ado , let’s get straight to the story.

I got pregnant at 15. I had already started seeing my menstrual flow and I was being exploited without protection. I was just a teenager and I was already knocked up; Pregnant.
But before this, I had developed Stockholm Syndrome. This is a situation were the abused develops feelings for their abuser. But it’s not real. It’s just a coping mechanism for your brain. A mechanism were the villan becomes the hero, and the devil becomes a god.
It’s this same mechanism that will make the brain recieve signals from the nerve endings that a man is hot and sweating and he needs to take his clothes off, whereas, he is freezing to his death. And in his delusion that he is hot and sweating, he takes off his clothes instead of looking for warmer ones. And he freezes like Jack in the epic Titanic.
That, was my case.
So abused had I been by Danjuma that my poor brain decided to love him. Delusion. Some nights, I’d stay awake and wonder how something so fake could feel so real. Too real.
Six years of abuse and I had ‘fallen so deep in love’ with my abuser that I could walk into fire for and with him. I became so dependent on him. I couldn’t do anything without him. Every touch, every caress, every word meant so much to me. Even his hits and punches.
He told me he loved me. He proved it. And when I’d misbehave, he’d correct me. So many things tried to put us apart but he stopped it.
Nothing could come between us. Not even the child I had carried. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing.


Although child abuse occurs in Nigeria, it has received little attention. This is probably due to the emphasis placed on the more prevalent childhood problems of malnutrition and infection. Another possible reason is the general assumption that in every African society the extended family system always provides love, care and protection to all children. Yet there are traditional child rearing practices which adversely affect some children, such as purposeful neglect or abandonment of severely handicapped children, and twins or triplets in some rural areas. With the alteration of society by rapid socioeconomic and political changes, various forms of child abuse have been identified, particularly in the urban areas. These may be considered the outcome of abnormal interactions of the child, parents/ guardians and society. They include abandonment of normal infants by unmarried or very poor mothers in cities, increased child labour and exploitation of children from rural areas in urban elite families, and abuse of children in urban nuclear families by childminders . Preventive measures include provision of infrastructural facilities and employment opportunities in the rural areas in order to prevent drift of the young population to the cities. This would sustain the supportive role of the extended family system which is rapidly being eroded. There is need for more effective legal protection for the handicapped child, and greater awareness of the existence of child abuse in the community by health and social workers.

Child sexual abuse in Nigeria is an offence under several sections of chapter 21 of the country’s criminal code. The age of consent is 18.

UNICEF reported in 2015 that one in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria had experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. According to a survey by Positive Action for Treatment Access, over 31.4 percent of girls there said that their first sexual encounter had been rape or forced sex of some kind.

The Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development reported that 1,200 girls had been raped in 2012 in Rivers, a coastal state in southeastern Nigeria.

According to UNICEF, six out of ten children in Nigeria experience emotional, physical or sexual abuse before the age of 18, with half experiencing physical violence.


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The Abused – (Part III ).

Hey There, for the past two months I’ve been on this particular topic i.e Abuse.

I’m sure you had enough of the suspense . Honestly I’m glad to be working with such an amazing writer .

It’s been a very Amazing journey with has taught me alot .



Mom, you never fancied the idea of a female help. That’s why we never had one. You told me yourself that you felt they’d take your husband away from you. Unpopular opinion, a man that is faithful and Loyal, will be faithful and loyal to his woman, irrespective of what happens. You cannot determine your life’s outcome by the life’s outcome of others. Just because Aunty Laide’w husband cheated on her with their house help didn’t mean yours would have. I understand that not bringing any female to work for you was your own protective measure. And I applaud you for that. But it didn’t stop Daddy from cheating. A man that is faithful, will be faithful no matter what. I don’t believe in anything that we’re fed with in the name of he didn’t have any choice. He had a choice. To cheat or not to cheat. And he cheated! He chose to cheat!
It was this same choice that led Abu to molest me! He broke my hymen. You’re a smart woman Mommy. You know what I am talking about. How’d you expect an entitled teenager to bathe your developing nine year old?!
For crying out loud you were always at home! You worked from home till when I turned fifteen and you started working out. Nothing, absolutely nothing stopped you from performing your duties by me!
Forgive my language but it is necessary for the conveying of my intended message to you.

I started exploring the opposite sex at nine and half. Six more months to my birthday and your houseboy comes to “bathe” me as usual. And you know, he hurt me in the name of washing me. I was in pain almost every day of my little life. No one should be allowed to go through that! No one! Not even him, as stupid as it sounds. No one. Abuse scars you Mama. Permanently.
Anyways, back to my story. On the 19th of March, your houseboy takes me for a surprise early bathe. And he and asks me to open my mouth. You should know what happens next. I have always been forced to obey because you, Mom gave him permission to beat me when I “misbehaved”
You always felt whatever reason he beat me for was justified cause you believed me stubborn. You hadn’t even the slightest idea of the child you birthed. It was this authority you gave your houseboy that gave him courage to stuff his privates in my mouth. Do you want to know how he got me to open my mouth? I’m going to tell you. In his words and I quote, he said: “I will tell your Mommy if you don’t do it. And she’s going to let me flog you.”
Just take a look at his words! Heiii! So I opened up.
Now, let me tell you the sad part.


The concept of child abuse and neglect is not relatively new to society. Although children have been neglected, beaten, exploited, and even murdered by their parents and caregivers for hundreds of years, it is only since the mid–twentieth century that legislation requiring the reporting and prosecution of child abuse has been enacted.

The United State of America , passed a Law , in 1974 Public Law 93-247, known as the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) was passed by Congress. Under this statue, only parents or caregivers can be perpetrators of child abuse or neglect. CAPTA provides minimum standards for the definition of child abuse and neglect for states that receive federal funds, and each state is left to define more specifically what constitutes maltreatment and to develop public policy that will guide courts, law enforcement, health care, and social services in the protection and care of children who are neglected or abused.

A number of terms are used to refer to the maltreatment of children, including the following:

  • Neglect. An act of omission by a parent or care-giver that involves refusal or delay in providing health care, education, or basic needs such as food, clothes, shelter, affection, and attention. Neglect also includes inadequate supervision and abandonment.
  • Emotional abuse. An act or omission by a parent or caregiver that involves rejecting, isolating, terrorizing, ignoring, or corrupting a child. Examples include, but are not limited to, verbal abuse; withholding food, sleep, or shelter; exposing a child to domestic violence; refusing to provide psychological care; and confinement. An important component of emotional abuse is that it must be sustained and repetitive.
  • Physical abuse. An act of commission by a parent or caregiver that results in, or is likely to result in, physical harm to the child–including death. Examples include hitting, kicking, biting, shaking, burning, and punching the child. Spanking a child is usually considered a form of discipline, unless the child is bruised or injured.
  • Sexual abuse. An act of commission by an parent or caregiver of sexual intrusion or penetration, molestation with genital contact, sodomy, rape, exhibitionism, or other forms of sexual acts in which the child is used to provide sexual gratification to the perpetrator. This type of abuse can also include child pornography.

Discussions of the number of children who are abused or neglected involve the use of two terms: prevalence, which describes the number of children who have suffered from a specific type of abuse at least once in their lifetime; and incidence, which describes the number of specific cases that are reported in a given time period. Obviously, incidents of physical abuse or extreme neglect are somewhat easier to identify and report than are other types of abuse. These are the cases that most frequently appear in child welfare offices and court cases. Actual reports of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect are generally thought to be grossly under-representative of the number of children affected by abuse.

Child abuse isn’t just about black eyes. While physical abuse is shocking due to the marks it leaves, not all signs of child abuse are as obvious. Ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, exposing them to sexual situations, or making them feel worthless or stupid are also forms of child abuse and neglect—and they can leave deep, lasting scars on kids.

Regardless of the type of abuse, the result is serious emotional harm. But there is help available. If you suspect a child is suffering from abuse or neglect, it’s important to speak out. By catching the problem as early as possible, both the child and the abuser can get the help they need.


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The Abused – ( Part II ).

In the last blog post a bad killer suspense story was introduced , written by Chide Charity .

A story on this month’s topic – Abuse.The whole concept I’m trying to bring out here is the consequences of abuse .

Definitely there isn’t any good thing that abuse brings rather than depression , suicidal tendencies , low self esteem e.t.c
Its pretty much a big deal if you ask me about it .

About 50% of abused people are in their adolescence .The remaining 50% are adults or in rare cases very young children .

This happens to both sexes ( male & female ).

Just in case you are wondering if I’m only talking about the females only .


The Abused – ( Part II )

Dear Mum,

Remember that night Daddy traveled and I came into your room. Remember how you yelled at me because I didn’t close the door well? It hurt Mummy. It hurt so bad. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I still remember those words. I remember how you told me to get out of your room. I remember how you said you had to tell me everything. You called me dumb. Just because of a door. Had you told me gently, wouldn’t I have closed the door?
I never went to your room after that day. Except I was sent there. Did you ever wonder what brought me to your room? Surely, it wasn’t because of I was scared of being alone in my room. Pft! I have stayed alone as far as I can remember. Incase you’re wondering what brought me, let me tell you.
I wanted to talk to you mummy. I was willing to open up to you. To tell you everything I had been going through. But you yelled at me. If you could tell so much just cause of a door, what would you have done if I had told you what I wanted to?
You’d have killed me. What I needed you to do that time was call me into the room. And talk to me. Jist with me. And ease me into talking with you. But you pushed me away.
I couldn’t talk to Daddy either. He was always away. And It wasn’t on business trips as he claimed. Daddy was having an affair. I can prove it. Later. I know you’re dying to know what happened to me. Well, let me tell you.
It all started when I turned nine. My body began to develop, and I was curious…

Okay..I can’t wait to see what happens next after this , the suspense is killing me to be very honest .

A part of me knows that you also can’t wait .You can hit the follow button at the bottom of the page to get latest blog posts .

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The Abused .

So I’m going to be doing something real different today. Been working on a project for a couple of weeks though with a special lady ; Charity Chide .It’s going to be a short story which would be in parts , to keep y’all in suspense. So if you want to keep up make sure to check out my blog from time to time.


According to Wikipedia
Abuse is the improper usage or treatment of a thing, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit. Abuse can come in many forms, such as: physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, assault, violation, rape, unjust practices, crimes, or other types of aggression.

So in general terms ,abuse can’t be called a good thing . It’s a legitimate bad thing . No matter who does it and whatsoever. People who are abused tend not to be able to disclose it to anyone due to fear of the abuser / stigmatism/ inner demons .

Aisha Mirza once said ” It’s not the bruises on the body that hurt . It’s the wounds of the heart and the scars of the mind.

“Deep right ?

Now here is where Charity Chide comes in …….Ladies and gentlemen , I give you

Dear Parents,
It is with a heavy heart I’m writing this letter to you. Understand, Dear Parents that I love you. Oh, how I love you! Understand that it is this love that drives me to write to you. I rather you not in the misery my actions will cost you. I rather you don’t wake up every morning thinking what you did wrong. I want you to know. I need you to know.Dear Parents, I’m tired. You’d wonder what would make a sixteen years old tired. I’m not working. I don’t have a husband. And like Mom usually said: ‘ *No be sey man dey knack you for night o*’
If only you knew how much truth that statement held. You didn’t. But now you will. Not yet. But you will.Dear Parents, you gave me everything I wanted. But you never gave me what I *needed*
You’d wonder what it was I needed. I didn’t need the monthly pocket money you always gave me. Sure I wanted it. But I didn’t need it. What I needed was for you not to shield me so much! Because, Dear Parents, the enemy of a man is in his household. Jesus’ words. Not mine.
What i needed was for you, Mum and Dad to ask how I was!I was brilliant! You knew it! So I didn’t need you always asking about how my classes were. You knew! I won prices every time! I was the best. In everything I did. It didn’t surprise you when I’d bring a letter home from school. I was always being awarded for one thing or another.
I wanted that. But I didn’t need it.
Mummy, Daddy, when have you ever told me you loved me? All I ever heard was: ‘We’re proud of you!’
‘We’re in awe of you!’
‘Keep it up!’
I wanted to hear all that! But I never heard what I needed to hear!
I needed you to tell me you loved me! For once! Just once! So I’d have had something to cling to. But I had nothing!
No wonder I fell so easily for Danjuma’s words. I fell for the words. Not the man. Never the man. How could I love such a tyrant? Just once Mummy. Just once. Remember when I told you I loved you Mummy?
I’m sure you do. Remember your reply? I’m sure you don’t.I told my own mother I loved her and she replies me with ‘Thank you!’ Thank you! Did I give you a gift?! Did I?! I can’t remember doing anything worth thanking me for.
Even if you were thanking me for loving you. An ‘I love you too’ would have sufficed. I wanted that word of appreciation but did I need it?
Mummy, Abuse is not when you hit me. Abuse is not only physical. Abuse can be emotional too….To be continued..✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
The unintentional form of abuse is the worst form of abuse the abuser could be practicing any type of abuse on the abused without clear knowledge, and in this case of the girl above she is being emotionally abused and that’s the worst type .

Because emotionally abused people then to resort into depression , suicidal tendencies that end up coming true . They also do not show it instead they find something or someone to make them happy , it could be drugs , a person or people .But this can be stopped you know, when you start to see the following signs.

  • Slow withdrawal from family and friends.
  • Cranky or weird behavioral patterns.
  • Mood swings.
  • Unhealthy obsession or addiction to certain things or people.
  • Anorexia or obesity , e.t.c

When the above signs are noticed it’s advised you have a talk with the person even if you are a parent or relative even a friend could do the job . If you feel like you aren’t cut out for it , you can always visit a therapist .✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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And also Charity


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I’m different in colour

My battleground scars , come as a result of disobedience.

Some from the never ending falls.

And maybe from the mosquito bites ,

But it all blends with my skin.

My colour runs deep ,

through my veins

As I grow with age and grace

When the sun shines, my skin glows

My melanin keeps on poppin’

I’m not tired of it

That’s who I am.

A woman like me

With standards and class

Crown on my head , looks like I’ve got the world on my shoulders.

I’m nobody , somebody ,

That body

I am me , black

Black is me.

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .



Abortions ! Abortions !! Abortions !!!

Here and there , almost everyday some woman , some girl out there is undergoing abortion and about 70 ,000 women die from this act yearly . A few survive if the methods are duly observed. Although a few people most especially Feminists have agreed that a woman has the right to have an abortion .

The following is a conversation between two teenage girls on abortions.

“I think it’s wrong… It’s committing murder and suicide at the same time .. besides if your handled by the wrong doctor your sure to lose your womb.”- Tarysn, 16.

” For me abortion is bad and it’s a sin, but what of if the woman and man are not mentally, physically and economically ready to have a child, like… and they have the child, what do you think that child’s life would be like (an innocent child that didn’t ask to be put in this world, would be suffering cause the actions of his/her parents).” – A.F , 15.

” The child will now have to go through trauma .. in college you’ll be working for money to spend on the child .. May not even have time for both you and the child.” – Tarysn , 16.

“And the parents- who maybe are just random teenagers having causal sex, and let’s say that there birthcontrol device( eg condom) malfunctions !” – A.F , 16.

“Too many issues …Just too much ! ” – Tarysn , 16.

“But they really need to be careful . ” A.F , 15.

“It’s not just right .. and I’ll advice people not to engage in pre marital sex without a back up plan .” – Tarysn , 16.


Different people have different beliefs … I personally do not advice anyone to undergo an abortion . Biblically it’s not good because you have indirectly killer someone and innocent child for that matter.

Some doctors advice mothers that have a complicated pregnancies.

Honestly people will be thinking that this stuff is comedy until and abortion failure happens to them or someone they love.

Its advisable to always go for protected sex , if you know that you aren’t ready to be a mother or a father yet . So as to reduce so many unwanted pregnancies worldwide.

As a girl , growing up in an African society , I have heard enough tales about abortions gone wrong to make me terrified of it. I’d rather have the child than to have an abortion .

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .

African, women

Africa , the World and the Girl Child.

According to (UN Women )The Girl Child. They go to school, help with housework, work in factories, make friends, care for elder and younger family members and prepare themselves to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Girls play multiple roles in the household, society and the economy.

Recently I did a research of what comes in the mind both males and females ,when they hear this topic “Africa , the World and the Girl Child.”. A few people most especially the younger generation were the people I asked to know what they think about the topic. Here’s is what a few of them said ;

” I feel like my society treats girls like they are stupid , useless , and treat like them like they have nothing to do than to stay in the kitchen.” – Anonymous 9 year old .

” Partial , and I usually do not know what is their gain for all this it’s really unfair ! ” – Anonymous 11 year old .

“I feel like the society or the world treats the female like we can’t be heroes , we can’t be like the men , we can’t do stuff . Girls can’t be Independent but deserve to be in the kitchen and get married and be subdued under man , even highschool boyfriends think they have the power to tell you what to do ! Which I find very unfair and disturbing.” – Favour Bassey , 16.

” We Africans perceive that the girl child is supposed to be trained as a wife . In the world , women or the girl child are only allowed to do certain things or certain jobs also there are rules for women . In recent times the girl child is taking on different leadership positions. Unfortunately for the girl child as though this time and age is not our time and age , the girl child is treated wrongly , the world has changed more than Africa has changed towards the girl child.” – Balogun Tomisin , 16.

” The African society believe that women do not have the capability to do what men can do , not because we can’t do it , but because they are scared ladies have a better insight than them . They believe they are superior , they believe that they have the strength , they want to be on top of the would. It shouldn’t be done that way! African men are scared to put their women outside , for they believe that women aren’t supposed to be heard . They need to grow up , grab sense and open their eyes and see that there should be equality among humans . This whole thing is about superiority and not equality . We need to change our ways and view points . What our forefathers did is not what we are doing now , this should be a different generation entirely.”– Cindy Samuel , 16.

“The society treats the girl child as dirt , I see the girl child as gold dug up from the deepest part of the ground
And all the society see is the dirt not the gold ! But most girls have refused to wash the dirt off.
Most girls don’t even know they’re more than dirt,
They don’t know they are actually gold.” – Charity Chide ,18

“Some people see women as lesser versions of men , some see them like they are worthless, in some parts of Nigeria example if you have only female children and no male children it is blamed on the female , whereas scientifically the gender of the child is dependent on the man not the woman . Some girls in rural areas are not in school as it is deemed as unimportant whereas their brothers would be in school. In some parts of India , boys are given full milk and the girls are given milk diluted in water . In some other countries , girls are married off as early as the age of 5, which is very sad.”– Feyi Akodu ,15.

“Okay here’s what i think , the girl child is more like a caged bird.
Caged bird in the sense that well they have ambitions, dreams and goals they want to follow but the gender inequality in the society won’t let them.” – Victor Fash , 18

Now that we have read the opinions of a few people here and there. Here’s a cookie bit of what I think ;

The way you treat a girl child determines the way you treat a woman. When the society has little or no regards on how to treat the girl child , when they go to be women, they wouldn’t be duly respected . Most especially in the third world countries and infact the same in the so called “delevoped” countries. The whole sexism idea or beliefs led to feminism , although some men think it’s as a result of the nonchalancy of women who think that they are better than men . I met a friend once who was of the opposite sex who just asked me out of the blue if I was a feminist, I replied saying ” I would be crazy not to be on my own side.” I asked him why he had asked and he said that he just didn’t like feminists.

Why ?

He doesn’t know ! You see this form of Hate is as bad as racism . Yes ! Biblically speaking it was said that God made man first and out of man came forth the woman , to HELP man , but then if man refuses to heed the advice or get help from women how then would the world develop ?

We can’t just be submissive towards the needs of men , women also have rights, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. No feminist is fighting for the supremacy of womankind . All we want is equality , as feminism means ;

* The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the belief in the social , economic , and political equality of the sexes.

* The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

* The doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women equal to that of men.

© Jennifer Sanni.

No part of this publication maybe used without legal authorization from the author .


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